eIQnetworks has released SecureVue NGS, purpose-built for small and mid-market enterprises in need of full featured next generation SIEM technology. SecureVue NGS can most often be installed, collecting data, and providing actionable security intelligence within one hour. SecureVue NGS requires less time and modest skills to implement and manage, and is expected to lower total cost of ownership by as much as 60%.

eIQ's flagship product, SecureVue, is the only platform to provide true unified situational awareness, delivering a more accurate, in-depth view of an organization’s security position via a single console, allowing organizations to proactively Protect Against Cyber Attacks, Detect and Respond to Breaches and Policy Violations.

SecureVue addresses all the essentials needed to proactively protect, detect and respond including: Cyber Security, Security Monitoring, Compliance Automation, Configuration Audit and Forensic Analysis.

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