Government Contracts

Namtek Corp. has prime or sub contract arrangements with many government procurement vehicles including agency-specific contracts and government-wide acquisition contracts (GWAC).


SeaPort-e Terms and Conditions




GSA contract number: GS-35F-0367V
Socio-economic status: Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
Eligibility: Open to all U.S. Government Agencies Worldwide
Product Offering: SINs 132-8, 132-12, 132-33, 132-34, and 132-51
Contract Length: Expires April 14, 2014
Contract Terms: GSA Schedule Terms and Conditions
Processing Fee: .75% Industrial Funding Fee (Included in Product Pricing)
Maximum Order: No Limit
Minimum Order: No Limit

GSA Catalog

GSA Terms and Conditions

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