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October 31, 2014:

The First Federally-Funded Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

This news flew under the radar for the most part, and I neglected to pick this up in a timely fashion through my feeds. But MITRE announced that it was awarded $29M to start the first Federally-funded cybersecurity center of excellence of its kind. Reports also state that this initiative could receive over $5B over […]
October 30, 2014:

When Zombies Attack – Hacker Halted and CISO Forum Wrap-up

It’s only so often that you can attend a conference with the dominant theme being the Zombie Apocalypse. And no more fitting location than Atlanta, where it all started for the ‘Walking Dead.’ Yes, the walkers took Atlanta first and swarmed in an outward fashion from there to swarm the rest of the world for […]
October 29, 2014:

White House Says Unclassified Network Hit In Cyberattack

An unclassified portion of the White House network has been hit with what appears to be an ongoing cyberattack. Efforts to mitigate the threat have resulted in temporary system outages and loss of network connectivity for some users, a National Security Council spokeswoman confirmed Wednesday. The attacks have not caused any damage to White House […]
October 28, 2014:

6 Tips for Effective Security Tabletop Testing

Tabletop exercises enable organizations to analyze potential emergency situations in an informal environment, and are designed to foster constructive discussions among participants as they examine existing operational plans and determine where they can make improvements. Such exercises seem like a natural for information and physical security, because they provide a forum for planning, preparation and […]


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