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April 1, 2015:

DDoS Attack on GitHub Linked to Earlier One Against

The ongoing DDoS attack on GitHub, which has made the social coding site intermittently unresponsive since March 25, is essentially a side effect of an older operation from the Chinese government against a site run by the anti-censorship project Officials at GreatFire said that the attack on their infrastructure began on March 17 and […]
March 31, 2015:

Wire Transfer Scam Shows Assertiveness Works with Phishing, Too

Lots of studies have shown that assertiveness works in the professional sphere. It turns out to work pretty well for cyber criminals, also. Websense Labs writes today about spear phishing attacks that rely on e-mail messages posing as urgent communications from senior officers to lower level employees. The messages demand that the employees wire funds […]
March 30, 2015:

Educating The Cyberwarriors Of The Future

Some 209,000 cybersecurity jobs remain unfulfilled. And according to a January PBS report, job postings for the profession are up 74 percent. These are shocking numbers that quantify one of the nation’s primary cybersecurity issues. Why can’t we just turn on the cybersecurity-training factory and turn out 200,000 cybersecurity professionals quickly to meet the demand? […]
March 27, 2015:

Using Heat to Jump Air-Gapped Computers

When heat from one computer is emitted and detected by an adjacent computer, a channel can be opened that researchers are claiming can facilitate the spread of keys, passwords and even malware. According to researchers from the Cyber Security Research Center at Ben Gurion University in Israel, the bridge, something they’ve dubbed BitWhisper, can allow […]

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