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May 22, 2015:

Security Questions Not So Secure

The Internet knows a lot about you, including your mother’s maiden name, your favorite food, and what street your first pet grew up on. And, according to some new research from Google, attackers have a good chance of figuring those things out pretty easily, too. The security questions that Google and other companies ask users […]
May 21, 2015:

Advertisers need to start monitoring ad security

Law enforcement activity and improved security has forced criminals to look for easier targets, so they’ve zeroed in on advertising networks – and advertisers are stuck paying the bill. Criminals are hacking into the advertising networks themselves to plant malicious ads, hacking into websites to replace legitimate ads with their own, and using botnets to […]
May 20, 2015:

Why Security Is a Dynamic Process

Security isn’t just a scheduled event or a box on a checklist — and increasingly, neither is security compliance. Sure, countless people reading this article have pulled the “prepare for audit” shuffle, in which entire departments run around like proverbial headless chickens to ready themselves for that dreaded moment when the auditor walks through the […]
May 19, 2015:

Many ransomware victims plead with attackers

The shamelessness of ransomware pushers knows no bounds. After encrypting people’s files and then holding them to ransom, they portray themselves as service providers offering technical support and discounts to their “customers.” Researchers from FireEye recently collected messages from a Web site set up by the creators of a ransomware program called TeslaCrypt to interact […]

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